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DUII / DUI / DWI Defense in Sherwood, OR

Are you or a loved one currently in custody on a DUII charge?

Sherwood Criminal Defense can help get and keep you or your loved one out of jail. The only way our firm can help do this is by speaking with you or your loved one as soon as possible.

Call our office at 503-655-7199.

Were you recently charged with a DUII and need help fighting it?

Sherwood Criminal Defense can help with the following:

  • Beat the DUII charges.
  • Keep your driver's license.
  • Protect your job and source of income.
  • Get rid of fees and fines.
  • Keep the knowledge of your DUII arrest private and confidential.

If you have DUII charges it is extremely important that you take the steps needed to protect yourself, your income and your family. Our firm can sit down with you at a consultation and discuss exactly how we can best help you.

Call us at 503-655-7199 or schedule an appointment online.

Do I need an attorney?

The laws regarding these issues can be complex and overwhelming. You have one chance to protect yourself against DUII charges. Having an attorney is extremely important. Sherwood Criminal Defense will help make sure you are protected.

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