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Criminal Defense Consultation Steps

Step 1: Look at your charging papers, what have you been charged with?

When you call our office to discuss your matter, we need to know exactly what you have been charged with. It doesn't matter if it is a traffic ticket or a theft charge. We can help you beat charges of all types.

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Step 2: Gather information before the consultation.

Helping you beat the charges means we need you to start the ball rolling before you contact us:

  • Gather names of witnesses that can support your case.
  • Create a timeline of events that helps you organize your thoughts.
  • Write down important facts for an attorney that are key to your case while they are still fresh in your mind.
  • Understand that the time to act fast is now. The more time that passes the harder it is to prepare a solid defense.

Step 3: Hire an attorney.

The laws regarding these issues can be complex and overwhelming. You have one chance to protect yourself against criminal charges. Sherwood Criminal Defense will help make sure you are protected.

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